Biobehavioral Correlates of Cancer-related Cognitive Dysfunction and its Co-occurring Symptoms

Diane Von Ah, PhD, RN, FAAN, Indiana University School of Nursing

The purpose of this study is to identify underlying factors (such as age, stress level, and quality of sleep) that may be linked to memory and concentration problems that some people experience after going through treatment for cancer. The goal is for researchers to gain a better understanding of how these factors are related in order to find solutions to reduce the negative effects of treatment.

What does participation involve?

You will be asked to complete several online questionnaires about your personal wellness, such as your stress level, physical functioning, memory, concentration, and quality of sleep. You will then be asked to complete a 25-minute online evaluation which will assess your memory and attention span. Lastly, you will be mailed a cheek swab kit to complete and mail back to the researchers who are conducting the study, at no cost to you. The cheek swab sample will be used to find genetic markers that may be related to cognitive functioning.

Participants will receive an e-gift card for $50 after completing all parts of the study.

Anywhere in the U.S.