Evaluating My Journey, A Health Program for Breast Cancer

Betina Yanez, PhD, Principal Investigator; Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University; 633 North St. Clair; Chicago, IL 60611; Phone: (312) 503-2866; Email: myjourney@northwestern.edu; David E Victorson, PhD; Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Hormone therapies are routinely used to treat hormone-sensitive (ER+ and/or PR+) breast cancer. Researchers have developed online health programs designed to help women with early-stage breast cancer learn more about hormone therapy and how to enhance wellbeing.

The purpose of the My Journey Study is to compare two 8-week online health programs that have been developed to help women with early-stage breast cancer starting hormone therapy. Both programs include interactive health resources and videos. The researchers are interested in learning what aspects of these programs patients find beneficial.

What does participation involve?

If you agree to be in this study, you will be contacted by the research team. If you are eligible, you will be randomly assigned to use one of two websites to access helpful information as needed for 8 weeks. You will participate in weekly 90-minute virtual group classes with other participants, and you will also complete 4 questionnaires about your health experience. Each questionnaire will be about 15 to 40 minutes, and you will be compensated each time you complete a questionnaire for a total of $300 for completing the study.

This study has been approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board

(Approval ID #: STU00206180).

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