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How does the Love Research Army work?

What is the Love Research Army?

The Love Research Army (LoveRA) is a program managed by Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, aiming to connect prospective participants of various ages, races, genders, sexual identities, who may or may not have had a previous breast cancer diagnosis, to studies committed to solving important breast cancer questions.

In 2020, after recognizing over 10 years as the Army of Women, we rebranded ourselves as the Love Research Army to better reflect the Dr. Susan Love Foundation’s longstanding commitment to fostering inclusive research. You may see references to the Army of Women, or AOW, in previous study reports, webinars, and publications.

How much does it cost to utilize the Love Research Army and what is included?

For a one-time flat fee, researchers whose studies receive our approval will be able to utilize the Love Research Army as a recruitment source until they have completed accrual or choose to have the study closed on the Love Research Army website. The fee is $3,000 for nonprofit organizations and for all other entities starts at $5,000. For researchers who have not yet secured funding, Dr. Susan Love Foundation will provide a personalized letter of support to funders, at no initial cost, explaining the LoveRA’s recruitment process and how it can enhance and accelerate the accrual of participants to ensure a successful study.

Our services include:

Technical and participant support: the Foundation’s research team is available to ensure the ease of the project submission through this website. We also provide online support to answer questions from prospective research participants regarding study procedures and criteria on behalf of researchers and are available to discuss ways to improve the recruitment process and response from participants.

Study review & consultation: all studies undergo an initial review by the Foundation’s research team and may include feedback on how to enhance the reach of the study to ensure the greatest response and diversity of participants. Each study is then carefully reviewed by at least two members of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), including one scientist and one advocate.

Participant list: on a weekly basis, researchers receive a list of new participants who have signed up for the study.

Study broadcast: each study is posted on our website, which is available for global viewing throughout the life of the study, allowing for online recruitment. Studies are also posted on the Foundation’s social media, in an effort to boost recruitment. In addition, each study is broadcast through an eblast to the entire Love Research Army mailing list. Content development for the eblast is created in collaboration with the Foundation’s research team, a medical writer, and the researcher(s) conducting the study.

Spotlighting: studies are spotlighted at various times in the Foundation’s newsletters and blogs by Dr. Susan Love and other Foundation staff.

Events & engagement opportunities: the Foundation has a presence at various community events where individuals are encouraged to sign up for the Love Research Army and to keep active with the current studies. In addition, Dr. Susan Love and other Foundation staff discuss the Love Research Army during a multitude of media appearances, professional meetings, and community events throughout the year.

What are the next steps?

All researchers who are interested in utilizing the Love research Army as a participant recruitment source must join (using the form below) and submit their proposal via this site.

For recruitment requests, the Foundation’s research team and two members of our external Scientific Advisory Committee (one scientist and one advocate) will review the recruitment proposal to ensure the project is feasible for the Love Research Army, and is ethical and safe in its design.

Once the study is approved, we will create the content that will be distributed to the members of the Love Research Army, and send it to the study’s researchers to get the materials approved by their IRB.

Once the Foundation receives confirmation of IRB approval, recruitment for the study will launch! Members of the Love Research Army can self-select to participate and will go through an online screening process to qualify for the study. The Foundation’s research team will work with you to determine the best format for connecting you with eligible participants.


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