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Privacy Statement

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation collects limited personally identifiable information upon registration, including your first and last name, contact information, year of birth, and ethnicity. We may also ask you to voluntarily provide additional information regarding your experience with breast cancer, your identified gender, your personal or professional interests, and contact preferences to tailor our subsequent communications with you and continuously improve our website and services.

Your participation in the research studies that we support is completely optional. If you decide to sign up for a research study, you may be asked to verify that you meet the eligibility criteria, and certain information is provided to the institution/organization conducting the study including: your full name, your year of birth, ethnicity, physical address, phone number and email address.

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation will not sell, rent, or lease your personally identifiable information to others. Unless we have your permission, or are required by law, the personal data you provide online to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation will only be shared with business partners who are acting on our behalf to complete the activities described above. Such business partners, including those located in other countries, are required by agreement to protect the privacy of your personally identifiable information as set out in this Privacy Statement.

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