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ImPatient Science®

Breast Cancer 101

In this series, we'll cover the basics of breast cancer, including definitions of the stages and what you can expect to experience during treatment. We'll also provide an overview of treatment and how to understand your pathology report.

Breast Cancer

Understanding which sub-type of breast cancer you have will help you understand your treatment options. In this series, we explore what a diagnosis of hormone positive, HER2+, triple negative, and DCIS/LCIS really means and how each is treated.

Breast Cancer

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer can be frightening and confusing. In this series, you'll learn about what to expect during treatment and some strategies for coping with collateral damage, the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment.

Understanding Immunology

Immunotherapies are new types of cancer treatments that give your body's immune system the ability to see and target cancer cells. In this series, you will learn about your immune system and immunotherapy.

Clinical Research

Laboratory studies and clinical trials are the driving force behind advances in cancer care. This series will help you understand the steps of the cancer research process, how you can take part in clinical trials, and the questions to keep in mind when you hear the word 'breakthrough.'

Collateral Damage

Treating breast cancer often results in collateral damage short- and long-term side effects that can impact your quality of life. This series describes some of the most common side effects that you may experience, and provides tips on how to manage them.

In October 2015, we launched ImPatient Science®, a series of educational videos designed to answer questions that patients frequently ask related to the biology of breast cancers, the body's defense systems, and the pros and cons of treatment options.

ImPatient Science is a series of educational videos translating complex concepts into digestible information

We are excited to evolve this series, which will continue to translate complex concepts into digestible information so we can help people understand the human breast, the causes of breast cancer, and how we can prevent it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our corporate partners below for the invaluable support they provided for our ImPatient Science education program.

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