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Researcher Webinar Series—Current Studies: A Conversation with Dr. Juliet Spencer

In case you missed the November Army of Women's first edition of Research Webinar Series - Current Studies, the video broadcast is now available! The webinar featured Dr. Juliet Spencer, PhD, the Principal Investigator for the Avon Viral IL-10 in Cancer Study (AVICS).

What is the study about?

Researchers at the University of San Francisco have found that a protein produced by human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) called cmvIL-10 promotes the growth and spread of breast cancer cells, increasing the likelihood of metastasis. The cmvIL-10 protein is frequently found at higher than normal levels in the blood of cancer patients.

This study will allow researchers to evaluate cmIL-10 blood levels in breast cancer patients and compare cmIL-10 levels in healthy women and women diagnosed with breast cancer within the last 5 years. If the study finds that some breast cancer patients have higher levels of cmIL-10, it's possible that the test might be useful for determining whether some patients might benefit from anti-viral drug treatments. If levels are higher in patients with more advanced breast cancer, then it's possible that screening for cmIL-10 could help doctors monitor whether metastases are more likely to develop or whether a woman's cancer is responding to treatment. This study was launched to the Army of Women on September 15th, 2015 and the research team is still looking for people to participate.

Are you interested in participating in this study? Read the study details and sign up on our website.