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About Us

Bringing Together Researchers and People to Advance the Work

The Army of Women is changing the face of breast cancer research by helping scientists recruit volunteers needed for their studies. Since its inception, the goal of the program has been to help researchers transition from experiments on mice and rats to women of every ethnicity, with and without breast cancer, and those at high risk. This is important because most animals do not naturally develop breast cancer and what happens to animals in the lab does not always translate into what happens in people.

Our goals are:

  • To recruit women and men of every ethnicity with and without a breast cancer diagnosis and those of high risk.
  • To connect researchers with women and men who are willing to participate in breast cancer research studies.
  • To challenge the scientific community to expand its current focus to include breast cancer prevention research conducted on people.

This year we built and nurtured the critical relationship between researchers and willing participants in many different types of studies. Studies range from those investigating the causes of breast cancer and how to prevent it, to quality of life issues experienced during and after treatment, to drugs for prevention or treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Army of Women members donate time, blood, tissue samples, and more, all to further research addressing critical questions to build a better understanding of breast cancer.

AOW Member Spotlight: Lori Godfrey

' After a serious breast cancer diagnosis, I recognize that my life was literally saved by the experiences of those that have gone before me. I have a choice to either shut that chapter or help another woman overcome her illness. I choose to be useful and the Army of Women provides me that opportunity.'

AOW Researcher Spotlight: Sophia Smith, PhD, MSW

'Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation has been a wonderful partner and greatly facilitated our recruitment efforts for the Reimagine trial. The staff were extremely responsive to our needs and their registration process is highly efficient. We were able to hit our recruitment goal in a brief six weeks at very little cost with minimal effort.'

2017 - 2018 in review.

New Membership     1,342 new members joined the Army
Researchers       45 new researchers registered to participate
New Studies 16 new studies were opened for recruitment
Closed Studies 13 studies were closed for recruitment


REIMAGINE TRIAL, 2016 investigated the impact of a structured online patient support program on women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are experiencing chronic pain. The research team's accrual goal for the Army of Women was 75 women. Within 24 hours of the request to participate, 112 women signed up for the study, with a total of 222 women signing up over six weeks.